Photo catalyst with titanium oxide using Bubble Binders

Photo catalyst using lights and titanium oxide.



Our photo catalyst application method using Bubble Binders secures very large area coverage of titanium oxide, for effective antivirus, sterilization, deodorization, and antifouling.


Our method uses special solution mixed with original Bubble Binder and dedicated air gun for application to target surfaces.  The technology was originally designed to be used for interior treatment and now expanding its application to other areas.


We are looking for overseas partners to expand the market together. 

Titanium oxide coming up to the surface securing maximum area coverage, thanks to the bubbles (Bubble Binders) produced with the original binder.

Various titanium oxides to cope with different light sources and Bubble Binder for large photo catalyst active area coverage


The light, both sunlight and room light source (UV and visible lights) work to activate photo catalyst with titanium oxide.  We offer various grades using different titanium oxides to derive the best performance from different light sources.  In addition, The titanium oxide from Yasukawa are mixed with the original binder;  Bubble Binder, that generates bubbles named Bubble Binders after application to surfaces and these form generate large active photo catalyst coverage. 


Once it is coated by special application tool, it dries in tens of seconds.  


The particles of titanium oxide at surface of the binder foam are sticking out from the surface and this gives sufficient area exposure of titanium oxide to the light. This structure propels the photo catalyst and secures strong sterilization, deodorization and antifouling. 




 Applicable areas

  1. Where people gather in large numbers
  2. Areas where odor is an issue: hospitals, toilets, hospitals, gyms, locker rooms, offices 
  3. Items coated: ceilings, walls, windows, doors, furniture, etc.


Microscopic photos of Bubble Binders and Titanium oxide particles.   

Titanium oxide particles are exposing on the surface of Bubble Binders, realizing large affective area coverage. (Photos by Faculty of Engineering and Science,  Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan)  

Test data

Test in hospoital:  Result of protection against floating bacteria  (with Yasukawa's photo catalyst treatment)

Test in hospital:  Resilt of protection against floating bacteria  (without Yasukawa's photo catalyst treatment)

Some examples of hospitals and nursing homes which had our photo catalyst treatment

Some other examples of our customers

We are searching for overseas partners for expansion of our business.  The application of the technology may be expanded to meet your market requirement, and this is subject to conditions.