We offer following products in the field of materials and processes, and others are under preparation for global release.  Please send us inquiries for finding your solutions.

Ecomaru for shorter purging time and higher yield 


Ecomaru is the one and only purging compound using glass wool for removing carbon contamination in mold injection machines, using the patented technology. 


With its cleaning power,  while maintaining high yield, the periodical disassembling machine for full cleaning can even be eliminated (conditions may apply).


Samples are available to overseas market.


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Photo catalyst coating method using Bubble Binders giving large effective area


Effective for sterilization including antivirus, deodorization, and antifouling.


Bubble Binders give one of most Titanium dioxide active area coverages.  Applicable for interiors and exteriors of houses, offices, factories, hospitals, and virtually anything that has surfaces.


Looking for partners for market and application expansion.


Silica based glass coating solution


The glass coating solution from Yasukawa is 100% organic.  The silica intertwines with a base material at molecular level in a normal room temperature.


It is easily applied makes strong surface glass layer to protect from deterioration and contamination.


Samples are available on paid basis.


Data in PDF is available.