100% low molecule collagen

Did you know that one-third of the protein in your body is collagen?


Collagen is one of the proteins that makes up various tissues throughout the body.


Collagen is an essential nutrient for human beings, but it decreases with age, and it is difficult to try to consume it in the diet.  This is because the molecular weight of collagen contained in food is very large (more than 300,000 molecules) and is not suitable for the body to absorb.


Therefore, collagen must be taken as a specially processed supplement.

Our Low Temperature Hydrolysis Method for high quality low molecule collagen production

We have developed a low-temperature hydrolysis method that has produced "100% pure collagen" with 3000 molecules.


This manufacturing method does not apply high heat during collagen extraction, making it possible to extract very small molecule, high-quality collagen.  The process takes more time than the conventional heating method, but we are committed to manufacture products in high quality to be able to contribute to people's health. 


Generally speaking, in the market, collagen products that are produced and sold as "low molecular weight" are those with less than 10,000 molecules. 

Hydroxyproline,  Hydroxylysine, the essential amino acids retained

The low-temperature hydrolysis method not only produced collagen as small as 3000 molecules, but also succeeded in retaining essential amino acids such as Hydroxyproline and Hydroxyzine, which are rarely found in foods.


Also, eating collagen-rich foods does not necessarily mean that they will become collagen for the skin.


When collagen is ingested from the diet, it is broken down into peptides (several amino acids bonded together), such as amino acids, just like other proteins. These amino acids are then reassembled by the body's collagen-producing cells.


Collagen is a substance that originally exists in the body and can be newly created by the body. It is important to activate the collagen-producing cells in order to enhance the "collagen-producing power" of the body.


Collagen extracted by low-temperature hydrolysis method, such as Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine, helps stabilize the collagen fiber structure. It is also believed to be effective in alleviating inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.


It is important to take good quality collagen, not just any collagen,  to sustain collagen production in the body in high performance.