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Welcome to the homepage of Yasukawa.


I am convinced that in the midst of the increasingly severe global economic climate with corona, the chaotic situation that sets the time for both the country and business is truly a time of awakening.


We have confidence in the technologies that Japan has cultivated over many years and the spirit of harmony that has been commensurate with it, and we hope to contribute to the society as a link for both within Japan and global community.



Tohru Yasukawa 




About Yasukawa Inc.

Corporate overview

  • Corporate name: Yasukawa Inc.
  • Address: Room 707 Flower Home, 4-3-20 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Telephone/mobile  (English) :  +81 (0)90 6064 6115 
  • Telephone (Japanese) :  +81 (0)3 6272 6852
  • mobile  (Japanese) :  +81 (0) 90 1032 1929
  • Fax : +81(0)3 5251 8385
  • President:  Tohru Yasukawa
  • Established:  December 8, 2009
  • Capital: 7,000,000 Japanese yen

Business fields

  • Sales, business development and consultation purging compound using glass wool, called ecomaru.
  • Introduction and business development of photo catalyst surface coating system
  • Development and sales of silica based glass coating solution applicable in room temperature.
  • Sales of 3D printer filaments
  • others

                   Business philosophy and creed


We are constantly developing our business with the following three creeds and business philosophy in mind.


                                              Business Creeds


 - Introduction of advanced technologies developed by small size enterprises.


- Penetrating cutting edge technologies into primary industries.


- Revitalization of artisan technologies for future applications.


                                           Business Philosophy


 Always moving forward and never spare no effort



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