Glass coating compound from Yasukawa


Microscopic Image.

of the infused portion







The glass coating from Yasukawa is 100% inorganic and provides hard bonded coat. 

The key features are as follows:

  • Applicable materials are many and easy to apply. 
  • Dries and in normal temperature
  • Chemical reaction to tightly bind with base materials.
  • 9H hardness
  • The highest durability achieved with Dupont Test. .

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Test results



Upper area was coated with silica layer.  The lower area without the coating had rust over a certain period.



The whole surface was coated with silica layer.


Shocks test were given.  Dents were generated but other than these the coated layer and base substrate had no damages.





All area was painted.  Upper area was not coated.


After shock was given, the coated area had no damages to the paint layer.



Presentation of our 100% inorganic glass coating solution

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Presentation of Glass coating compound from Yasukawa (PDF)
Describes its performance, applications and use cases.
Glass coating compound from Yasukawa PDF
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