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I am convinced that in the midst of the increasingly severe global economic climate with corona, the chaotic situation that sets the time for both the country and business is truly a time of awakening.


We have confidence in the technologies that Japan has cultivated over many years and the spirit of harmony that has commensurate with it, and we hope to contribute to the society as a link for both within Japan and global community.



Tohru Yasukawa 


Our latest offer



ecomaru,  the one and only purging compound.


ecomaru is a mixture of resin and glass wool for thoroughly removing carbon contamination in mold injection machines.   Even it is able to substitute disassemble- machine-cleaning (conditions may apply) .

Our latest offer 

100% pure collagen retaining Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine, the essential amino acids for health and beauty 


100% pure collagen powder made with low-temperature hydrolysis method 3000 molecules retaining essential amino acids such as Hydroxyproline and Hydroxyzine, which are rarely found in other foods.


We are looking for overseas partners for global expansion. 

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